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We have a diverse team of mental health professionals, each with different strengths and specializations. This is intentionally for the center to be able to cater to a broad spectrum of client needs, from preventive and support to therapeutic, and avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to providing care.  Thank you for your patience as our admin team matches you with the CPPS mental health services provider most suited to your needs.

All our service-providers handling coaching, counseling, psychotherapy, and psychiatric consultation are duly licensed/certified, trained, and supervised professionals. 



  • Jasmin Castillo, RPsy

  • Karen Rose Vardeleon, RPsy

  • Dr. Francis Lambojon, RPsy

  • Elline Santos, RPsy

  • Krisha Deveza, RPsy

  • Lovely Ana Ventus-Aguas, RPsy

  • Roselle Teodosio, RPsy

  • Charrie Roma, RPsy

  • Maria Angela Diopol, RPsy

  • Vincent Velasquez, RPsy

  • Irish Movido, RPsy

  • Katherine dela Cruz, RPsy

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  • Kimberly Kaye Mata, RPsy

  • Vanessa Cardenas, RPs

  • Josephine Aimee Marte, RGC

  • Michelle Cortiguerra, RPm

  • Carmela Sanchez-Arreola, RGC

  • Jhun Himoldang, RGC

  • Shinkae Hombrebueno, RPsy

  • Monica Tongson, RPsy

  • Krista Camille Serrano, RPsy

  • Hylene Tayaban, RGC

  • Jazmin Dizon, RGC

  • Dianne Rodriguez, RGC

  • Gilda Ysobel Galang, RPsy

  • Marenel Vargas, RPsy

  • Mary Jane Guba, RPsy

  • Joseph Marquez, RPsy

  • Juan Rafael Opsima, RPsy

  • Elyca Biclar, RPsy

  • Divina Gracia Cablay, RPsy

  • Jan Gonzales, RPsy 

  • Marry Jane Sioson, RPsy

  • Emmanuelle Villareal, RPsy

  • Christine Danne Dato

  • Rose Roque Mendoza

  • Pia Marie Roxas, RGC

  • Irish Alvarez, RGC

  • Darwin DIola, RPm

  • Judith Aimee Zapanta, RGC

  • Alexis John Ramiro, RGC

  • Angelito B. Clavero II, RGC

  • Angelo Melgar, RGC

  • Danielle Celine Alonzo, RPsy

  • Eden Lugo, RGC

  • Flordeliza Zurbano, RPsy

  • Frances Cabanilla-Melgar, RGC

  • Ma. Celina Cruz, RGC

  • Alvin Jacob, RPsy

  • Fatima Olga Bantangm RPsy

  • Lloyd Toni Enriquez, RPsy

  • Maxine Joyce Pinson, RPsy

  • Ursula Estanislao, RPsy

  • Dan August Nanao, RPsy

  • Lovely Cristo, RPsy

  • Marjielyn Mendoza, RPsy

  • Pearly Ann Ancheta, RPsy

  • Ronna Faye Gonzales, RPsy



  • Henmar Cardino, RPm, CSIOP

  • Dr. Shiela Marie Hocson, RGC, RPsy

  • Maria Aileen Marges

  • Lester Bautista, RGC

  • Dr. Jim Rey Baloloy, RPsy

  • Ciello Lleno, RPm, LPT

  • Ananea Arcega, LPT

  • Jaymee Duran

  • Florlynn Bassi

  • Mary Grace Pasilan

  • Dr. Benny Samson Soliman, RGC

  • Eric Dimar, RGC


  • Dr. Marife Mararang

  • Dr. Ryan Edward Rabago

  • Dr. David Valderrama

  • Dr. Sophia Grace Benosa

  • Dr. Chester Koh

  • Dr. Ofelia Abayan


  • Dr. Marie Ann Sunga-Vargas, RPsy

  • Dr. Raymundo Faustino, RPsy

  • Karen Rose Vardeleon, RPsy,

  • Karen Gail Ibanez, RPsy

  • Jowie Advincula, RPsy

  • Kimberly Kaye Mata, RPsy

  • Roselle Teodosio, RPsy

  • Rolf Gian Marcos, RPm

  • Robert Rilveria, RPsy

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