Counseling, Psychotherapy & Psychiatric Consult

We offer professional and confidential counseling, psychotherapy, and psychiatric consultation services to children, teens, and adults, as well as couples, families, and groups. Since the NCR was placed in community quarantine, all our consultations are delivered online via videoconference. 

All CPPS consultants are duly licensed psychologists and psychiatrists under the center's supervision.


Psychological Assessment

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We integrate data from psychological test results, interviews, and observations in order to (a) diagnose psychosocial needs and conditions and (b) assist in the development of treatment plans.


Our services include assessment of  disorders commonly diagnosed in childhood (e.g intellectual and learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism), career assessment, therapeutic assessment, assessment of fitness-to-work/fitness-for-school, and assessment for child custody, abuse, adoption, and annulment cases. 

Full Battery Psychological Assessment Rate 

Typically composed of intelligence and achievement tests, personality profiling, clinical screening, and assessment of specific concerns. Fee is inclusive of testing proper, comprehensive written report, and one feedback session.

Pre-Employement/ For Promotion Screening

Typically includes intelligence, aptitude test, personality test, and clinical screening)

Forensic Assessment (Annulment, Child Custody, Adoption, VAWC, and other legal cases)

Typically includes case history taking, full battery assessment, processing of witnesses, conference with legal counsel, and comprehensive report.


Employee Assistance Programs.png

Employee Assistance Program

We offer individual or group counseling services to enhance well-being and engagement among employees. We also provide valuable psychological support for workers affected by mass retrenchment, radical company changes, disasters and calamities, and  critical incidents.  


CPD Seminar-Workshops

Childfam-Possibilities is an accredited CPD Provider for Psychology. We provide quality trainings aimed to help psychologists and psychometricians deliver competent service and dispose themselves better to the tasks at hand. We are also applying for CPD accreditation for Education, Guidance and Counseling, and Social Work

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