Passion & Commitment to Deliver Quality Mental Health Services. 

•    CPPS endeavors to provide our clients with the best quality of care through staff and consultant competency building, supervised practice, and culture-building within the organization.

•    CPPS tailor-fits interventions to the needs of the clients, taking into consideration their unique profile and concerns, and always with mind towards enhancing the potential for resiliency inherent in all human persons.

•    CPPS encourages self-care and work-as-mission which fuels our enthusiasm for every client contact.

Compassionate & Collaborative Practice

•    At the heart of all CPPS services is authenticity and empathy. Our clients are persons first before diagnoses; our therapy is connection first before technique. 

•    Whenever possible and therapeutic, CPPS collaborates within and outside the organization with allied professionals to provide our clients with a holistic and comprehensive support.

Integrity in What We Do

•    CPPS strives to improve our systems and practices so that they conform to the aspirations of the profession placed in the context of the unique needs of Filipinos in general and specific client populations in particular. 

•    CPPS does not change our professional evaluations or adjust our practices to cater to personal agendas not aligned with the best interest of clients especially children and vulnerable adults.


•    CPPS believes that a support group is as critical to mental health promotion as individual consult, and we aim to integrate clients to their family and community the best that we can. If community-based services are available, these services are prioritized instead of in-patient hospitalizations. 

•    CPPS appreciates the value and diversity of our team and clients, and we strive to give yuservices that has relevance in the community and the country. 

•    We speak out as an organization on issues that mental health professionals can and should weigh in, supporting advocacies of human rights, child protection, and restorative discipline.

“CPPS envisions itself to be a trusted provider of comprehensive and evidence-based gender, age, and culture sensitive well-being services in the Philippines.”


1.    Deliver competent and ethical counseling/psychotherapy, psychiatric consultation, and psychological assessment services for individuals (children/teens/adults), couples, families, and groups.  

2.    Design, facilitate, and evaluate high value seminar-workshops and learning events geared towards enhanced psychosocial wellness of individuals, groups, and communities, and maximizing whenever possible a multi-disciplinary approach.

3.    Provide consultation services to schools and universities, LGUs, NGOs, as well as companies and small business enterprises on supportive organizational environments, positive and restorative discipline practices, and mental health promotion.