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For 10 years this August 2023, CPPS has been a trusted name in mental health support, and one of the fastest growing in the industry.  

CPPS works at matching you with the professional best suited for your needs, implementing protocols

that protect both client and staff/consultant well-being, and  maintaining a personal touch

amidst the need to respond to increasing numbers of persons in distress.

We strive to provide warm, affirming, authentic therapeutic environments

guided by the principles of ethical and effective practice.

Man using laptop at table for online consultation with psychologist via video chat, focus
Picking up Prescriptions


We all could use a listening presence.

CPPS provides professional and confidential talk therapy sessions facilitated by licensed and supervised psychologists. Unload heavy emotions and process experiences, learn new skills to better cope or adapt, update your "tools-to-thrive", or walk hand-in-hand with us as you receive evidence-based support for a diagnosed mental health concern. Sitting with a mental health professional is for both the well and the struggling, and we can match you with the consultant and approach suited for your needs.


Achieve your well-being goals with biospychosocial support.

Many mental health concerns can benefit with pharmacotherapy, and CPPS offers consultation with licensed and trained psychiatrists to support your well-being goals. CPPS psychiatric consults  provide more than just getting connected to the right medication; we take time to understand your needs, answer your questions, and provide emotional support using the BioPsychoSocial perspective.

Psychologist for Children
Online Workshop


Partial and full psychological assessment batteries administered online.

We integrate data from psychological test results, interviews, and observations in order to (a) diagnose psychosocial needs and conditions and (b) assist in the development of treatment plans.

Our services include assessment of conditions commonly diagnosed in childhood, career assessment, cognitive/socio-emotional, and clinical profiling in aid of self-knowledge and therapy, assessment of psychological fitness-to-work/fitness-for-school, and assessment for child custody, abuse, adoption, and annulment cases. 


Towards Mental Health Literacy for all.

CPPS conducts training programs on various mental health topics, including Basic Mental Health Awareness, Resiliency, Emotional Literacy, and Thriving Amidst Uncertain Times. Book us for your school, community, and organization. 

CPPS is also an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). CPPS regularly conducts training for psychologists, psychometricians and allied professions.

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